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Friends For Drinks And Benefits


Despite multiple studies praising the benefits of red winealcohol in general has gained a bit of a bad name for itself in recent monthswith UK consumption guidelines dropping to just and units last year. However, a new study, published in the journal for Adaptive Human Behaviour and Physiology has shown that the odd pint or two while socialising is directly linked to better wellbeing. The fresh research, which looked at the possible benefits of drinking instead of the standard negatives, looked at the role alcohol plays in social cohesion, for in particular that people without a local pub are likely to have a smaller benefit circle, and to be less trusting of their community. Like other complex bonding systems such as dancing, singing and storytelling, it has often been adopted by large drink communities as a ritual associated with bonding. Pubs play a unique role in offering a social environment to enjoy a drink with friends in a friend setting.

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Drinking in pub with friends is good for you

People who drink moderately tend to have a richer social network. A research suggests that moderate drinking can lower risk of developing and dying from heart disease and stroke. Likewise, moderate alcohol consumption may provide some health benefits.

A new survey by the Oxford University has found that drinking in the pub with friends seems to improve overall wellbeing. Although there are various studies which suggest alcohol consumption is can cause the health risk.

But the study suggests that people who drank regularly at their local were found to be happier. They found more satisfied with their lives. According to scientists, the drinking in the pub may play an important role in improving social cohesion.

It triggers endorphins which increase happiness and promote bonding. Pubs are the place have a role as a place for community socializing. The pubs are often adopted by large social communities as a ritual like dancing, singing, and storytelling.

The useful social benefits of drinking wines

Scientists involved data from three different studies. The first study involves a questionnaire-based round of pub clientele. In the second study, scientists observe the conversational behavior in pubs. The study showed that those who drank at local pubs tended to socialize in smaller groups.

They are more likely to trust other members of their community. That means pubs play an essential role that offers a social environment to enjoy a drink with friends in a responsible, supervised community setting.

A brief history of office drinking culture

Tech Explorist publishes the latest researches and discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations. Drinking with friends at a local improves overall wellbeing, Oxford University found.

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Social drinking ‘good for your health’

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New research has shown that moderate, casual drinking with friends may be linked to overall health benefits.

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The 7 benefits of having drinks in the office

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Drinking wine in moderation will give you tons of health benefits.