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Looking To Feel The Best Boobs Ever


Over the course of its history, breast augmentation has come a very long way. Once almost unavoidably obvious, new techniques and devices have been developed to produce natural-looking and feeling breast enlargement. Silicone breast implants tend to feel more like natural breast tissue than saline alternatives.

Name: Maddy

Years: I am 44

Why today's breast augmentation is better than ever

David B. This is the time when they stop thinking about them as new implants, and start thinking about them as their breasts. There are a lot of factors that can impact this. And there is a certain psychological aspect as well, which deals with changes in body image and how quickly someone will adapt to this.

But, since I am not a psychologist let me talk about some of the physical factors that can affect this. Silicone vs. The viscosity of the silicone implants is what really makes the difference, and I might venture to say that silicone implants will always feel more normal than saline implants.

When you hold each implant in your hand, you can really appreciate the difference.

Over the Muscle vs. Under the Boobs Not everyone is a candidate to have implants looking on top of the chest muscle. But for those who have enough natural breast tissue to cover the implants and not require the muscle as feel tissue coverage, the implants will feel more normal sooner.

This is because the muscle does not need to be stretched out. Also, you will be less aware of the implants when you contract your chest muscles if they are on top. This goes away immediately when the muscle is relaxed and does not pose a long term problem, but some women may notice this. When I talk with patients about placing the implants on top of the muscle, many are surprised and thought that implants should ever be sub-muscular. But when the balance is right between the amount of natural breast tissue, and the size of the breast implant usually these will be siliconethis can be an excellent way to go, and sometimes gives the most natural.

Smaller Implants vs.

Larger Implants The size of the implants also makes a difference. And, larger implants take longer to feel natural. In fact, overly large implants may never feel as natural as I would like them to, particularly in the case of saline.

How large is too large? Well, that?

But when we consult with people and work with sizers, we can find a good size that makes enough of a difference without going over the edge. There are, however, some women who want to go larger than I would recommend, and we always tell them that the implants will not feel or look as natural. But, then, this is what some women are going for. Smaller Normal Breast Tissue vs.

Breast lift vs breast augmentation vs breast implants – what's the difference?

Larger Normal Breast Tissue The amount of your natural breast tissue can also be a factor. With more tissue, the implants will be more quickly assimilated into the look and the feel of the breast. Breasts will feel more natural, sooner, going from a full B cup to a small D cup, than going from a small A cup to a small D cup.

This again has to do with the amount of tissue covering the implant. As I tell women, if you have almost no breast tissue at all, it will be hard to make the augmented breast not look and feel somewhat like an implant. All these things make a difference, and this is why it is difficult for anyone to give you an absolute of when things will feel normal, or feel like a natural part of your body.

The other thing that no one can control is how your body makes scar tissue, and how it makes the capsule around the implants. If your body makes thicker scars and a thicker capsule, it will take longer. But, if you were to pin me down on how long this whole process takes, I would give you are range of anywhere from two to nine months until your breasts feel normal.

How can you affect this whole process?

Actively massaging your implants will help with the formation of a capsule which is soft and allows normal movement and a natural feel to your implants. If the implants are beneath the chest muscles, this will help the muscles relax and stretch out. So, really working with massage, especially early on when it may be uncomfortable is important. Think of it as a short time discomfort for a long term gain.

All the best. Download Our Free E-Book! Dear Diane, Thanks for your question.

Can guys really tell if you have breast implants?

It is not unusual to feel some movement of you breast implants. Women who are thin and have saline implants can sometimes feel the valve. All the best, David B. Dear Clarissa, Thanks for your comment.

It is possible that you need or may have needed, a breast lift in addition to implants. Reath, MD. I used to be a 36 Full B. We are now in Mid-October. I have been told that my breasts feel hard. They do feel harder to me too.

Body procedures

Its actually making me regret getting them done in the 1st place. I feel like I do want to remove them so not to delay any more time in stretching my skin. I usually had some very tight skin on my chest. My question is, will skin shrink back to my normal pre-surgery size or in your experience, have you seen the skin stay as is and remain saggy? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Diane, Thank you for your. I am sorry you are having difficulties.

I cannot tell you what the issues are without seeing you and examining you. The person who is in the best position to now what is going on is the plastic surgeon who operated on you. The only thing I would say is that you do have large implants and these can sometimes have some issues due to their size and weight. I wish you all the best, David B. I had breast implants in and under the muscle. Dear Sue, Thanks for your question.

Breast lift

While I cannot tell you what is going on without seeing you, more than likely what is happening probably involves your breast tissue or the capsule around the implants. As long as the implants are intact, they really should not change themselves. So I suspect that there are not issues. However, if you have real concerns I would be examined by your plastic surgeon.

Hi Dr. My friend got cc saline under the muscle nipple incision and she says she can feel the implant near the incision. Is this normal?

4 factors that determine when breast implants feel normal

I want to get the nipple incision but not if its going to cause me to be able to feel it. Thanks in advance! Leah, More than likely what your friend is feeling is the valve on the implant. This can occur even if the implants are under the muscle.

Do breast implants feel real?

Silicone implants have no valve and would avoid this issue. Best of luck, David B. Can silicone implants under the muscle shift in different positions? Also, do you recommend sleeping in an upward position for 6 weeks? I am 3 weeks post op and have been sleeping in this uncomfortable position since my procedure. Dear Lala, Thanks for your comment.

The muscle does not really keep the implant in a certain position. Rather it helps with the shape of the breast. Implants can shift in position somewhat, but not a great deal certainly in the short term. I do not require my patients to sleep upright for 6 weeks.

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The most popular incision site is the inframammary fold, along the crease underneath the breast.

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Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States and Internationally.

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There are lots of reasons why women might want breast implants, like experiencing loss of volume after having children or losing weight or to help balance out asymmetrical breasts.

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has recently noted that more women than ever before are opting for some type of breast enhancement procedure.