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Pepper Potts Looking For Her Iron Man


Virginia 'Pepper' Potts : Tony, you know that I would help you with anything, but I cannot help you if you're going to start all this again. Tony Stark : There is nothing except this.

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Tony Stark : [about Natalie Rushman] Who is she? Pepper Potts : She is from legal and she is potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit if you keep ogling her like that.

Tony Stark : [about to jump out of a plane] Okay, give me a smooch for good luck, I might not make it back! Pepper Potts : Go get 'em, boss! Tony Stark : [diving after the helmet] You complete me! I thought I'd throw her a bone, you know. Pepper Potts : Right.

Well, she did quite a spread on Tony last year. Tony Stark : And she wrote a story as well. Natalie Rushman : Well done with the new chest piece. I'm reading ificantly higher output and your vitals all look promising. Tony Stark : Yes, for the moment, I'm not dying.

Thank you. Pepper Potts : [overhears] What do you mean you're not dying? Did you just say you're dying? Tony Stark : Is that you?

No, I'm not. Not anymore. Pepper Potts : What's going on? Tony Stark : I was going to tell you, I didn't want you to alarm you. Pepper Potts : [interrupts] You were going to tell me?

You really were dying? Tony Stark : You didn't let me. Pepper Potts : Why didn't you tell me that? Tony Stark : I was going to make you an omelet and tell you.

Natalie Rushman : Hey, hey. Save it for the honeymoon. You got incoming, Tony. Looks like the fight's coming to you. Tony Stark : Great. Pepper Potts : Are you okay now? Tony Stark : I'm fine.

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Don't be mad, I will formally apologize Pepper Potts : I am mad! Tony Stark Pepper Potts : Fine. Tony Stark : We could've been in Venice.

Pepper Potts : Oh, please. Tony Stark : How do you spell your name, Natalie? Pepper Potts : What, are you Googling her now? Tony Stark : I thought I was ogling her? Tony Stark : [puts down a disgusting-looking dish]. Pepper Potts : What is that? Tony Stark : This is your in-flight meal. Pepper Potts : Did you just make that? Tony Stark : Yeah.

Where do you think I've been for three hours? Happy Hogan : Anything else, boss? Tony Stark : I'm good, Hap. Pepper Potts : No, I'll be just Tony Stark : I lost both the kids in the divorce. Pepper Potts : Have you been drinking? Tony Stark : Chlorophyll. Pepper Potts : Natalie is here! Tony Stark : I want one.

Pepper Potts : No Tony Stark : I just want to talk to you for a minute, well, make that 30 seconds Pepper Potts : Okay. Pepper Potts : 29, 28, Who speaks Latin? Pepper Potts : No one speaks Latin.

It's a dead language. Pepper Potts : I need you Tony Stark : I need you too, that's what I'm trying to Pepper Potts Pepper Potts : No. Pepper Potts : You know, there's only 8, things that I really need to talk to you about.

Pepper Potts : My point is, we have already awarded contracts to the wind farm people. Don't say "wind farm. Pepper Potts : You're out of control, okay?

Iron Man : [intoxicated] I'm not out of control. Pepper Potts : Trust me on this one. Iron Man : You're out of control, gorgeous. Pepper Potts : It's time to go to bed.

It's time. Iron Man : [leaning in to kiss her] Come on, you know you want to. Give me another smooch. Pepper Potts : You're not going to be happy about this. Iron Man : Come on, you know you want to. Pepper Potts : You just peed in the suit. Iron Man : I know, it has a filtration system. Pepper Potts : It's not sexy.

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Iron Man : You could drink that water. Natalie Rushman : Will that be all, Mr, Stark?

Tony StarkPepper Potts : No Pepper Potts : Yes. Yes, that will be all, Ms. Pepper Potts : I quit. I'm reing. My body literally can't handle the stress. I don't know when you're going to kill yourself, or mess up the whole company Tony Stark : I think I did okay!

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Shane Black's Iron Man 3 first teased the possibility of Pepper eventually having her own armor in when she briefly donned one of Tony's suits following the attack on their Malibu home.

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