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I seeking like seek utr that girl Detroit

Seeking Utr Girl In Detroit


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Name: Riannon

How old am I: 42

Show 40 post s from this thread on one of First Last Jump to :. Just returned to utr seeking, and am looking for the mature type. Has anyone seen Danielle? Replied to this ad yesterday. Got immediate reply who I will like to meet. Sent the name. Got reply back " your has been noted for soliciting sec online etc.

My Detroit if this is really popo he will wait till I m caught red handed, girls like scumbag trying to make quick money by threatening people. Please remember that the purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Please do not post political commentary in the Forum EXCEPT local politics as it directly pertains to the subject of local laws and ordinances regarding commercial sex in the area defined by the thread title.

Unsatisfied milf expert in bj!.

If we are not willing to deal with any of this BS because it will happen then we need to find a new hobby. Wise member, was the following: "This is the best piece of advice you will find on this forum: Don't do it. Truer words were ne'er spoken. That said, I must have a gambling addiction a mile wide underneath my mild-mannered exterior, because despite receiving regular and inexpensive service from my UTR Nikki, and the PSE from darling Nikki, I was still tempted to pick up a girl at a gas.

Station on The Ave before work this morning.

I think it was Alicia again. I passed, once I saw her muffintop. Been a long time since I posted, it's been pretty ruff out there so I have been a good boy lately. So the other nigh I Had a dream with Amy in Madison heights. Thin and tall girl with dark hair. I dreamt she was very good at throat games and took direction superb. Only problem is, very thin, no assets, and defy user. Overall good experience. Mandie- works from Dearborn. Has anyone tried her?

Can find any reviews. I have seen Jennifer before and had a great time. Her body is great and she knows how to make a guy cum. Damage was a buck twenty and was well worth it. I guess everyone likes different strokes.

Saw Jennifer standard call system. She has a great body and was much better than the bad reviews said. I was nervous at first but she settled them with a long slow BBBJ got hard and went doggy, amazingly tight so tight I almost couldn't slide in. She backed up to me and took it deep until o filled the cover.

Maybe a bit spay but good at what she does with a hot body. I dunno about the pics, don't seem real me thinks. Anyone experienced her? She is originally from Michigan and travels here semi-regularly to see family. She lives in Boston or thereabouts.

Plusses: very sensual and into fantasy fulfillment. I would say the high points of my visit with her are probably about the most insanely turned-on I've ever been while utr this. This may only be one item in the plus bucket it's a very big one. Detroit tell you in friendly chatter afterward that she was a big crack smoker back in her day but now only uses pot for pain relief from her massive seeking.

In that and other random comments she makes you can see she might be a bit scatterbrained.

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Friendly, but becomes distant in the aftermath of the act. She is pricey. I think an hour will go about Marginally worth it at that price point to me but if you want an immense high that may not last forever she's more likely to be girl your time. Also, not that this is shocking but I think she was "42" when I saw her and I thought she was older than that back then. Might be the same pics she had up in too. Forget that the read the review. Works out of her apartment in Belleville that of course she just moved into, pretty empty place. I wouldn't consider her GFE, either, but maybe seeking you meet her a few times.

I'm a newbie, but have been trying to do my due diligence to see if its worth pursuing the hobby. While I like the concept of the obvious perks associated, I am not willing to risk getting in trouble with the law or mugged to pursue it. Clearly, going with providers with detroit reviews from utr sources would be best to ease in, but that often comes at the cost of paying a premium to engage. I'm really looking for a mid-cost local provider who I could see regularly without breaking the bank. I also will state I have a preference for ethnic women, particularly sexy black chicks.

With all this said, there is a provider. Hasani aka Coco - who has been advertising quite a bit lately. Given the consistency of the photos, and that these same photos aren't used in a bunch of other Instagram models, it seems to indicate that she may be legit. Furthermore, if you look at the followers on her Instagram posts, many of them appear to be local Detroit dudes, reaffirming that she is likely local.

However, there are some things that give me pause.

one, no reviews on reputable boards, despite advertising being highly reviewed. The paper trail on this site shows a couple people asking about her but no reports one way or another. This site lists some comments. So, I've got nothing here, and nothing from typical girl review boards, but a seemingly positive record from that site above, and evidence that seems to indicate utr "Hood Barbie Hasani' does live in the Detroit area.

Looking deeper though, if you copy and paste some of her text from her into an internet search, you get seekings from other girls with the same exact language. I am your ultimate playmate fantasy girlfriend come through! Lastly, just today she has a posting with another girl. What do you folks think? Do you have any direct experience with Hasni aka Coco? I appreciate your thoughts and any experience you might have to offer. A2 you mind banning the poster so we don't get any more falling for the fake post?

I Detroit had may be that's why. Lucky you. Thanks guys. If someone is planning on robbing you you're going to get robbed. You have to remember that these people LE or pimps do this everyday and they are very good at it. I'm not saying to walk in blind and not even try to play safe. I'm just saying if they are planing on getting you, you will get got.

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Good luck to you and every monger out there, play safe guys its crazy out there. I did a Google search on that motel and found this so I didn't go. My question is, do you guys ever Google the hotel an escort is staying at to see if its hot?

That alone is suspect.

This review was written by a person with no other reviews. You really put some investigative effort into this girl. Hats off to you. I have not seen her so I can't tell you if she's legit or not. I don't believe she is LEO. I base that simply on the fact that she has multiple over a somewhat lengthy time. Usually I suspect new as LEO. Plus LEO won't take time to do instagram generally.

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