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Friendships add so much spark to our lives—helping us find humor and possibility in spells of misfortune, and cheering us on in stretches of celebration and transition. We swap stories over meals, and fill moments in time with laughter and like-mindedness—adding to the family we may or may not have. So what happens when you find yourself attracted to one of your confidantes. Will having sex with your friend ruin the relationship you built? Some might say that casual lovemaking with someone familiar provides a safe sexual outlet, while granting both parties the ability to live freely and unattached.

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Learn the honest, non-sleazy way to attract high quality partners. The s are even higher when you talk about non-marital relationships. In this article I hope to have a vulnerable discussion on why cheating is misunderstood and why sexual experiences outside the relationship can actually be healthy. These are valid concerns.

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But what if you and your partner eliminated all those risks? Pregnancies are mostly solved by proper condom use and soon enough there will be a male contraceptive pill.

To avoid getting into trouble or found out, you could set boundaries where your partner can only stray on business trips using a fake name. So if your partner could theoretically remove all potential risks, would you still be against them have sex with someone else?

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Cheating feels personal. It challenges your entire relationship. We think that dissatisfaction with a partner is always the driving force for cheating. But often when someone cheats, it has nothing to do with their current relationship. In my experience, this is especially true for men.

Men are visual creatures with the ability to reproduce for our entire lifetimes. A lot of women have a hard time understanding why men act like such horny teenagers. Ours tells us to reproduce with youthful, viable women all the damn time. Just think: can you ignore your hunger? Christopher Ryan, author of the national best-seller Sex at Dawnbacks up this theory. On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experiencehe explained how men experience desire and fetishes differently than women.

From his research, men often have fetishes and sexual needs that last a lifetime. In my belief, this is a reason why some men resort to acts of sexual violence. Lust murder is predominantly a male phenomenon.

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They can go without it and still be perfectly happy while men will literally feel miserable and empty. Louis CK said it perfectly as well…. Just maintenance. Society feeds us that cheating, especially male cheating, is always done with malicious intent. The main motive for male infidelity is sex. They can have a more difficult time separating those sexual experiences from deeper emotions. Women are more interested in supplementing their marriage or jumping ship than men are.

For men, it is a secondary strategy sex opposed to an alternate. Female infidelity, however, is motivated by more emotional wants. Instead, reasons casual as a lack of emotional intimacy or a need for validation are the driving force. So she then seeks that bond or need to be desired elsewhere. But if you are a woman who wants to have casual sex while in a relationship — more power to you.

Therein lies the greatest difference in what wife means to men and to women. Having outside sexual experiences may or may not help with that. But Redig, you should do it above board and not in secrecy. I think having sex with other people can be extremely unhealthy and destructive to certain relationships.

A game that’s rigged

It can destroy trust and ruin connections forever. Actions like these reinforce that sex outside a relationship always le to pain and misery.

While some couples are perfectly content for their entire lives together, some will need external sexual experiences. Regardless of your decision to indulge in outside sex or not, everyone has to be clear about their needs and boundaries. Drop your ego and try to be fair all around. Once you come to those terms, you have to respect them. And then you have to keep communication open in the future because feelings will change, boundaries will change, and new situations will arise.

People with history of casual sex may struggle more in committed relationships

For some people, they may never accept their partner sleeping with someone else. A friend told me the other day that both him and his girlfriend used to travel for work all the time.

They agreed that they could hook up with other people on business but only casually. So yes, I think for a lot of couples, just having the option or occasional outlet might actually be healthy for their relationship.

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So why do we expect all our sexual needs to be fulfilled by one person for the rest of our lives? Consistently escalate your dates from friendly to flirty.

up below to get immediate access to the First Date Field Manual. Contact Reconnected Media About Home. Stop Missing Dating Opportunities. Learn More! Load More When you think of someone cheating on their partner…what words and feelings come to mind? For most people, cheating is black-and-white. For most people, there are obvious reasons. Why we cheat: men vs women All this greatly affects the motives behind cheating for men and women.

Prioritize outside sexual experiences over your relationship. You spend less time with your wife or husband. You become more deeply involved with another person and having an ongoing affair. You show less affection to your existing partner.

Why is sex outside the relationship so wrong?

Be irresponsible with those other sexual experiences. Ignore the boundaries set by you and your partner. You promise one thing and do another. Guilt or shame your partner into letting you sleep with other people. When sex outside the relationship can be healthy While some couples are perfectly content for their entire lives together, some will need external sexual experiences.

Ask each other… Why do we feel threatened by this idea? Would you be open to only casual encounters?

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Are you more comfortable with your partner having external emotional or sexual connections? Which do you want for yourself? What are your limits? How much would you be comfortable with? Is it just kissing? Is it oral sex? Are certain people off the table? Do you want permission before either of you does something? Do you even want to know if either of you does something? Would you be okay bringing someone else into a threesome instead? Is it something you absolutely would never be open to? He said that while he never did anything, just having that reassurance put him at ease.

This is YOUR relationship — never forget that. Get The Manual.

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