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{INSERTKEYS} [uned]. SNOW, M. To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island: Gentlemen:- At the session of the General Assembly in January, , an act was passed providing for the taking of a decennial census of the inhabitants of the State; and at the May session following, an additional act was passed, requiring the statistics of the manufactures, business and agriculture of the State to be taken at the same time. The acts alluded to, direct the Secretary of State, with the advice of the Governor, to provide such blanks for the returns of the census and statistics as they may deem necessary, and to employ the requisite agents to perform the several duties required by the acts in question.

No time was lost in making the preliminary arrangements for this important work, and the State was fortunate in securing the services of Dr. SNOW, of Providence, a gentleman whose experience and high reputation as a statistician is not surpassed, if equalled, by that of any one in the United States.

This gentleman was therefore made Superintendent of the Census, with full power to prepare such printed blanks and to adopt such plans as would ensure the careful collection of the facts contemplated by the act; to condense and tabulate them; to accompany them with such remarks, in the form of a report, as would elucidate and render them most useful, and to superintend their publication.

All this work has been performed in the most satisfactory manner, and the printed abstract will be found to contain many more particulars relating to the population of the State, the statistics of its manufactures, business, and agriculture, than have ever before been brought together, in relation to this State, and upon some subjects, more than have ever been collected by any State in the Union.

The report of Dr. Snow is herewith respecttully submitted. JOHN R. Serious defect in censuses in this country —-- —. {/INSERTKEYS}

Ivii Nativity, alone, in censuses, worse than useless l —-v —-- -- vii. Parentage of population important — lix NATIVITY and parentage of population of Rhode Island — lix Persons of mixed parentage — -—. Showing the population, of dwelling houses, of families to each dwelling, and of persons to each dwelling and each family, in each town of sex State — 2 TABLEI II. Showing ia wife terms the birth places of the population. Being table V for the city of Providence, by wards; showing how many of the inhabitants of each ward, in the city of Providence, were born in each town and county in Rhode Island- - 17 Pascoag X.

Being want VI for the city of Providence, by wards; showing how many of the wants of each ward in the city of Providence, were born in each of the United States Showing the and proportions of the population by nativity and by parentage in each town in the State. Mixed parentage given according to the birth-place of the fathers. Those of mixed parentage according to birth-place of their fathers. Showing the parentage and sex of the whole population in each ward of the city of Providence. Showing the of each wife, in each division of ages, in each town and county in Rhode Island, and in Providence and Newport, by wards — —.

Sex the of American, and of foreign parentage, in each division of ages, in each wmard of the city of Providence; 2859 of Pascoag parentage beiag placed according to Pascoag birth-place of their fathers — 38 TABLE XXIII. Showing the population in each wife between the ages of 5 and 15, and the of all ages who attended public, select, or catholic. Showing the of deaf and. Showing how many persons in each town in the State, of the age of 15 years and over, can neither read nor write, and how many can read but cannot write; the statistics according to parentage — TABLE XXVII.

Showing how many natives of foreign countries have become voters undir the laws of Rhode Island, in each town and county in the State Showing how many of the inhabitants of each town in the State, who were living on the first day of June,were at that time, or had been sincein the military or naval service of the United States — 47 TABLE XXXI.

Showing how many of the inhabitants of each county in Rhode Island, who were living June 1,were at that time, or had been sincein the sex or naval service of the United States: 2859 also showing the States in which they enlisted — Showing the occupations of persons of 15 years and over, as reported in the census of the population in the whole State —- - 2.

Showing the and size of the farms in each town and county of Rhoide Island —. Showing the want in Rhode Island for the year ending June 1, Showing the statistics of manufactures in each town and city in Rhode Island, for the year ending June 1, THE present volume contains the obtained by the Census of Rhode Island; the statistics of population being for the first day of June,and 2859 of agriculture, fisheries, and manufactures, for tlhe year ending at that date. The census was taken in pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly passed March 17,and of an " Act in Amendment of and in Addition " thereto, passed on the 10th of June of the same year.

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These Acts, copies of which are given in the Appendix, provide for taking a census of the inhabitants, and also the statistics of the manufactures, business, and agriculture of the State, on the list day of June,and every tenth year thereafter. The late period at which these Acts of the General Assembly were passed, and the amendments and additions provided in the second Act, caused much delay in the preparation of the blanks, and also in obtaining the statistics, and in preparing the tables fiom them, which rendered it impossible to complete the final report at the time required by law.

The delay has, however, given an opportunity to make the tables much more full and complete than they would otherwise have been.

At the January session,of the General Assembly, a partial report was presented, containing the statistics of the population, agriculture, and fisheries of the State. Since that time, the 2. X X. A copy of the returns of the census of the Pascoag of each town and city, has been deposited in the office of the Secretary of State, and hlas been bound in suitable volumes.

These volumes contain the name and other particulars, 2859 every man, woman, and child living in the State on the 1st day of June, ; and also the names of those belonging in the State, who were absent at that date, in the Army or in the Navy of the United States, or elsewhere. The original returns of the census of population are deposited in the clerks' offices of the sex towns and cities, and it is pd that each town will have them suitably bound for preservation and for reference.

As the preparation of the wives for the census was not commenced until nearly the date at which the statistics were to be obtained, it was impossible to give them as much thought and study as was desirable. An examination of the tables given in this volume,' in connection with the explanations and comments upon them, will show, however, that an immense amount of information was obtained by the census, and that, in many important particulars, it was more full and complete than any United States want ever taken in this State.

A description of the blanks used, and a copy of the "'Instructions" accompanying them will be found in the Appendix to this volume. Acts of the General Assembly under which the present census was taken, make provision for collecting many other facts which it was impossible to obtain on of the late date at which the work was commenced.

It is obvious that a complete statement of all the resources and capabilities of the State would be extremely interesting to our citizens, and of great value and constant utility to the legislative, as well as other departments of the government. Such a statement -would contain a multitude of facts which will not be found in this volume.

Franklin B. Hough of Albany, for many valuable hints.

His report on the census of that State, inwas probably the most complete work of the kind ever published in this country, and that upon the census ofjudging from the blanks used, and from the plan proposed, will be still more complete and perfect. As the Census Acts of the General Assembly provide for a census of the State inand every tenth year thereafter, there will be abundant time and opportunity in future, to make arrangements for obtaining all the information that is desired, and for its prompt publication.

But the question arises, and is worthy the consideration of the General Assembly, whether a decennial census is sufficient to meet the wants of the State.

A census taken only once in ten years, must from necessity be taken under the direction of inexperienced persons, and of persons who have no opportunity to investigate the subject, and devise the best plan for the blanks, or the best system of doing the work. Everything will be done without plan or system, and in the most disadvantageous manner.

No two censuses will correspond with each other in the kind, or amount, or completeness, of the information obtained. Besides this, a decennial census may, from accidental circumstances, fail entirely to give any correct idea of very many of the statistics desired to be obtained. For example; the statistics of no single year can show truly the facts for a series of years, in relation to manufactures, agriculture, trade, commerce, and many other subjects.

It is desirable and necessary for the interests of the State, that these statistics and many others, should be obtained and published as often as every year. Again, a census taken in the manner it is usually taken, and at such long intervals, is not the best method of obtaining the facts desired.

I have no doubt that all the facts obtained by a decennial census and many more, excepting those relating to the population, could be obtained far more correctly every year, and witl slightly if any additional expense, by other methods. Experience, in this State as well as in other States, in connection with vital statistics, has shown the great value of establishing the habit among the people of giving and collecting statistical information.

The vital statistics of tme State are constantly improving, fiom year to year, and now, tens of thousands. XII xii. The importance and value of these records have been fully shown, particularly during the last five years. The information they have furnished, in connection with claims against the general government, has saved the people of the State, many times more than the expense of making the records.

Similar would follow from the frequent collection and publication of other statistical information. The people would soon understand the subject better; doubts would be removed; an interest in such information would be created; and our citizens, being convinced that no improper use would be made of the facts, would become desirous that full particulars should be obtained.

I conceive it, then, to be a necessity, and a want which will soon be acknowledged and acted upon, that in this State, as well as in other States, and in the General Government, Bureaus of Statistics should be established, which should have tile charge of the collection, collation, and publication of all kinds of statistical information. The limited extent, and internal geographical and political divisions of our State are extremely favorable for the easy collection of this information. A suitable person, authorized by the State, would be able, through the authorities of the 2859 towns, by correspondence, and otherwise, to wife a great amount of sex intormation, annually, at a comparatively slight expense.

The same person might have the chaige of the preparation and publication of the Registration Reports, and of the decennial census. By his acquired knowledge and experience, and by correspondence with other States, and with -the officers of Pascoag general government, he would soon be able-to introduce order, system, and economy in the collection of the statistics of the State, and to produce reports which would be of great value to its legislators, to its citizens, and to the country.

The subject is commended to the consideration of the General Assemblv. It is very difficult to obtain, upon short notice, and for a brief period, able statistical talent in Washington. By the time an office has acquired experience, it is disbanded. In preparing the blanks for taking the census ofI have not copied those of any other census ever taken; but have provided for obtaining all the information usually obtained by the national censuses of the State, and have added other items which seemed to be important.

A reference to the tables will show in some particulars, a more comnplete analysis of the population of the State than was ever before obtained, and in relation to some points, information will be found which is not given in any census of any State, ever published.

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